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From the Editors:

There has been a continuing, intractable problem with blogs authored by The Solipsist including this one. Occasionally—too often in these Editors’ view—The Solipsist will become fascinated with a subject and blather on about that subject in writing. He will then insist on publishing these blatherings as blog posts even when they exceed 1,000 words in length. A recent blatant example of this was his three-part ramble on the subject of Francisco I. Madero, each of those three parts comprised of well in excess of 1,000 words.

At long last we have persuaded The Solipsist to allow us to take a different approach. We will publish his future writings that fit the description above as separate pages rather than blog posts. This, we hope, will improve the flow and appearance of the blog itself. The Solipsist has objected that if his obsessions are published as separate pages, nobody will read them. We have pointed out as tactfully as we can that nobody is reading them anyway. We have managed to assuage his hurt, however, by promising to feature these pages prominently in the bottom footer of the home page and in the header.

The Solipsist has reluctantly agreed with our proceeding in this manner, at least for the time being. We are confident that he will eventually see the wisdom in it, and the subject will finally be permanently closed.

7 June 2012

The Editors

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