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What is that word?

Mineral de Pozos, 9 August 2011

Mineral de Pozos, 9 August 2011

I shall get to the mines themselves soon. In the meantime forgive my fascination with this detail.

The Spanish began mining the incredibly rich mineral deposits in the vicinity of Mineral de Pozos in 1579. Mining operations continued there until the last mine closed in 1950. In one of the roofless outbuildings two of the walls are protected from direct sun. There one can see remnant wall décor that was done with stencils. (There is a word for that method of wall decoration, but I cannot bring it to mind.) I found it curious that in one of those buildings dedicated to the grim business of mining, somebody was moved to decorate the walls. I supposed it is possible that this building was some sort of residence, but there is no other indication of that.

On to something more interesting now.



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2015-12-172b17-08-39The heavy snow commences here as I write.

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