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Paris is Never a Mistake

The Madeleine stop, home base.

In 2008 I was suffering from near terminal burnout, which in this case is simply another way of saying that I was feeling deeply sorry for myself. In November I took off for Paris on an impulse and spent a week wandering around the city alone. Shall I now report on experiencing some grand epiphany there or some great new love or a spiritual reawakening of some sort in that cultural center of western civilization? The truth is that I have no idea what the point of it all was at the time or what the point of it all turned out to be. I can state with some confidence, however, that going to Paris is never, ever a mistake, not even in November. One cannot say better than that about anything.

The irony behind the photo is that the métro crews went on strike in the middle of my stay there. Even with my refusal to deal with the cab drivers, my itinerary was not affected at all. I had no itinerary, which I hold is an entirely valid manner of going about that city.

5 Responses to “Paris is Never a Mistake”

  1. MaryLou Cook

    We went to Paris last fall for a couple days with our friends from England. LOVED it!!!! After our friends went back home, we went to Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. Our itinerary is always open to change as we use the rail system for our travels. If we ever go again, I don’t think we’ll do 4 weeks again. We kinda got burnt out and were REALLY ready to come back home.

  2. Dicky Neely

    Pretty cool. I’ve been to Paris, Texas, OK but not the same!

  3. mlhe

    When I was in Paris in October of 2011, I wanted to kiss the worn tiles on the Rue de Rivoli. I thought I had died and gone to a place beyond heaven. Paris is the opposite of mistake. Paris…Paris…Paris. And then when we traveled to the Burgundy region, and stayed in Angeloume (Place of the Angels)…wait. What the hell am I doing in Phoenix?

  4. Angeline M

    No itinerary is the best itinerary in any travel. That the metro workers went on strike while you were there was probably the best thing that could have happened.


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