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Another Bay Window

February Snow 1-004

. . . or more properly, an oriel window in this case, I think.

As is the case with each of the photos that I have taken of these abandoned farm houses, I can well remember when they were going concerns. At one time or another when I was a boy, I was in them all accompanying my parents on visits to the families who lived there.

This house has since been razed–earlier this summer, as a matter of fact. I heard a racket echoing across the countryside and stepped outside the chicken house. Across the valley of corn, I could see the bulldozer at work with the end loader standing by to load up the scraps on a truck. The feeling was akin to having my hand on the side of an old dog who has suffered enough as the vet gives him his final injection.

3 Responses to “Another Bay Window”

  1. Dicky Neely

    Like that house, we’ll never get out of these blues alive.


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