in rural Paris, Iowa, and Wordpress

Bay Window

More than Abandoned

La muerte es una vida vivida. La vida es una muerte que viene. –Jorge Luis Borges.

Loosely: “Death is a life lived. Life is a death that is coming.”

Cheery folks, those Argentines.

5 Responses to “Bay Window”

    • StephenBrassawe

      You have an uncanny ability to make me laugh. I listened. The whistling was a particularly fine touch, and what a rousing conclusion! I wonder whatever crossed her mind.

      In fact when the house in the photo was a going concern, my Sunday School teacher lived there with her family. Visited several times as a boy.

  1. Dicky Neely

    Claro que si, este casa es una vida vivida. I, too, always love your photography.


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