in rural Paris, Iowa, and Wordpress



On the theory that one can never post too many photos of train tracks.

A life involving any thought at all requires that one periodically confront one’s own hypocrisies. The fields surrounding this chicken house, in which I attempt thoughts that I am intellectually ill equipped to think, are filled with corn. It is a particularly lush corn crop this growing season by the way. That crop will serve the insatiable appetite of the nation for high fructose corn syrup as well as fuel the artificially constructed market for ethanol. It is a monoculture, however, that runs contra to my own professed concern for the planet in more ways than can be listed here.




So it is that I comfort myself with a resolution. As soon as I can figure out how to fill those fields with free ranging chickens gamboling about amid organically grown broccoli plants while at the same time continuing adequately to finance my current lifestyle of idle ease, I shall do so promptly.

5 Responses to “Resolution”

  1. Angeline M

    I shall also comment on your photography to say it is lovely, and not on your thoughts that involve a large number of chickens and broccoli.
    The land around you is beautiful!

    • StephenBrassawe

      Again, that is a kind comment that raises a personal issue. It IS beautiful around here. Many tell me so during their visits. Yet I am having difficulty photographing it. Something to do with the fact that I grew up here. I cannot “see” and compose the photographs as I was able to do in Mexico, which in spite of my love for it during my five years of residence remained alien. I shall work harder on the photography thing.


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