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Welcome to Steve’s Chicken House


La muerte

I have become an old man without noticing the onset of it all. I am content with this. I would never wish to be young again, so rife it was–in my own case–with ignorance, absurdity, and nonsense. I mean no offense to the young. The young will ever be the young.

Winter Chickenhouse 026 BW

My Redoubt Amid a Troubled Species

So it is that I hide in this antique chicken house on my extinct family’s farm from which the last chicken departed decades ago, dreaming of México. The middle of nowhere. In the winter the wood-burner warms me as the wind howls outside. In the summer the sliding door is open upon an endless sky, and the fans cool me.

Homo sapiens is perhaps the most rapacious and destructive species ever to have spawned upon this planet. I am one specimen of it. Still, let it be so.

I ride this splendid little spaceship into my own oblivion with the faith that it possesses an infinite capacity to cleanse itself of us, to right itself, and bring forth new life of unimaginable diversity over geologic time until its own extinction. Therein lies my own faith. The immediate affairs of this species in that context are laughably trivial. The only record of our existence will ultimately be a thin stratum in an escarpment thrown up by the pressures of the underworld, composed of compressed plastic and the artificial rubber of untold numbers of discarded tires.

Madding Crowd-4090

Just Outside


7 Responses to “Welcome to Steve’s Chicken House”

  1. Angeline M

    Very contemplative piece (?peace?)
    Old age seems to happen to all, not noticed until you’re there. How does that work?

  2. Dicky Neely

    Love your collage. I also love your chicken house. I understand you miss Mexico. I get to speak Spanish almost daily here. Even if I don’t go out I speak Spanish to my cats just to keep in practice.
    I. too, have done got old, as I am reminded in the song of that title by Junior Kimbrough and Buddy Guy also, much later. As you say, it is the natural order and I am OK with that. I hope you enjoy your old age. Pasa buen tiempo Viejo!

  3. mlhe

    Even if you are not vaya-ing con Dios, I think Dios is vaya-ing con tu y artista residencia. Thank you for this open blogvitation to your house of long-ago chicken and elder bravery.

  4. calitexan1949

    Loving the chicken house. I’d comment on wordpress but I forgot my password. Take care.




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