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The Return

calle relox

Calle Relox, 25 June 2012.

The lesson today, young people, is that you cannot believe anything that you read on the internet. Take my last entry in this blog for example. It was all lies. But my motto has always been that it does not count as a lie if you knew it was a lie when I said it to you.

Tomorrow morning I am going to climb onto a jet airliner and fly back to México via the airport in Dallas and Fort Worth, back to Leon and then on to San Miguel de Allende after a short automobile ride thanks to an old friend there who has agreed to pick us up at the airport in Leon. I am taking the resident artist with me to show her around, and I can tell you that this evening it feels a lot as if I am about to go home. I am going home, my friends, if only for a short visit.

5 Responses to “The Return”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Thank you for the sentiment, sonnyboy. Always a delight to see that you have stopped by.

  1. spixl

    Bienvenidos a México to you and the artist! I know what you mean. When the little Embraer takes off from Houston bound for Oaxaca, my heart soars. I’m coming home!


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