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GoPro in the Roadhouse

The GoPro® in one of the last of the great roadhouses, 20 January 2015.

An extraordinarily large percentage of young people–the hormone-driven set—know exactly what a GoPro® camera is. Not too long ago, I did not. Then late last summer while the resident artist and I were at an outdoor concert venue buried way, way back in the woods to the north of here—a gathering place for some delightful lunatics, we found–I noticed a small drone hovering over the crowd. It had a tiny camera mounted underneath. Upon investigation I learned that the operator was taking aerial videos of the festivities.

I routinely rail about the consumerism that is rampant in our world today, but for some reason my own consumerism bothers me not a whit, particularly when I am in the grip of it. I purchased a GoPro® camera a few weeks ago and now regard it as yet another example of the miracle of miniaturization. It is obviously not the equivalent of a 35 mm digital SLR. However, what it does it does well in both the single-shot and video modes.

Which all brings me to the question of how I am going to use my new GoPro® camera. It will obviously never be clamped to my helmet as I skateboard or bike a motocross course. I last jumped out of airplane with a parachute decades ago and have no immediate plans to do that again. Still, I have no doubt that something will occur to me.

One Response to “Roadhouse”

  1. calitexan1949

    Outstanding!!! Reminds me of a series of pics that Chuck Wolff and I shot at a place in central Texas. Four good old boys in their ’60’s and ’70’s playing dominoes, who grumpily consented to let us take pics, “… just so long as you don’t use no dang flash bulbs.”

    The best shot was one I made standing on an adjacent table where the dominoes and the hands and arms of one old boy where blurred as he did the shuffle to start a new game.

    I love those old country bars and even some of the good old boys that frequent them. R&R ;-D

    Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 16:03:40 +0000 To:


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