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Eos or the Hesperides?

Electrical Lines

23 January 2014

I have never been this old before in my life. It is in many ways an adventure, and the adventure is in the details. For example, I find that I now prefer sunrises to sunsets. This is a more highly informed preference to my way of thinking. The younger version of myself, to tell you the truth, had seen few sunrises. There are undoubtedly deeply seated psychological reasons for this new preference that I chose not to mull over. In certain circumstances and Socrates’s dictum notwithstanding, the unexamined life certainly is worthier of living. Have to be careful not to over-think some things.

6 Responses to “Eos or the Hesperides?”

  1. calitexan1949

    Great shot Brass… I’ve always hated mornings because it takes half a pot of coffee and three or four cigarettes for my brain to start working, but as I age, I’m seeing more and more of them. I still feel like poop, but I do enjoy seeing the moon near dawn and I like to hear the birds waking up.

    Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2015 15:11:05 +0000 To:

  2. Mary Lou Cook

    When on vacation a couple years ago, I took a picture of the sunrise each morning and was able to sort the pictures that way. Have to confess that I went back to bed a couple times after I took the picture.

  3. sonnyboy3

    Beautiful shot. I am seeing more sunrises these days because I can’t always sleep through the night. I, too, have never been this old before. That’s sort of like the only true statement one can make about the end of the world. It’s closer now than ever before!

  4. vera ersilia

    Thank you for a pearl of wisdom to illuminate my advancing years… I also have not been this old before and the exploration of this condition not always encouraging… I still love the falling of dusk and the miracle of the first morning light but I am no longer able to see them as I used to do …


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