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The Tracks


Woman Beside the Tracks

Woman Beside the Tracks, 11 May 2014

I take comfort in spending time by the train tracks that run along the southern boundary of the farm . . . in milder weather than is currently extant, it should go without saying. I cannot explain why, although the urge to go there seems most often to get its grip on me after I listen to the news on the radio, a thing that I am avoiding more and more as I–as one might laughingly put it–mature. Laxmi Singh and Corva Coleman seem more and more to me like voices from hell. Through no fault of their own, I hasten to add.

I am able at times to persuade someone else, in one of his or her moments of weaker judgment, to accompany me there. Sometimes I hike. More commonly, I drive the John Deere Gator, nothing more really than a gasoline powered golf cart. This all is clearly symptomatic of my stunted emotional development, my remnant, predominant, and relentless immaturity. Young boys of a certain bent have been idling away time next to train tracks ever since train tracks were invented.

There is a prior admission in this blog that I have indeed in the past placed coins on those tracks to be crushed by passing freight trains. We can rely upon at least two freight trains passing on any given day. So far none of those freights have been derailed by my coins. Should that occur in the future, I will immediately delete this and related blog entries.



Should you be in the neighborhood and feel the urge yourself, give me a call. I will be happy to ferry you down to the tracks with me. Be prepared to dawdle, however.


3 Responses to “The Tracks”

  1. Mary Lou (Dolan) Cook

    I love railroad tracks too……we love taking the trains in Europe and riding on tourist trains in the US too. The only way top see Europe is with a Eurail Pass and a backpack. Leaving Wednesday for Jamaica….glad to be leaving the cold!!

  2. sonnyboy3

    Railroads and trains have a powerful hold on the imagination for some of, probably of the more “mature” ages. I don’t know if younger generations have this. The blues and country music are full of train songs. In the days most of the authentic music of those genres was created hopping a freight was the way to get over long distances.
    I have felt it. I have hopped a freight a couple of times, lived near the tracks and twice worked on the railroad up in the wilds of British Columbia. “Hear that train a comin’!” Jimi Hendrix

  3. calitexan1949

    R&R My friend… I’ll be traveling to Texas a couple of times this year so I might bring some cold Mexican beer and take you up on your invite to drop by and dawdle. 😉

    Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 20:55:17 +0000 To:


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