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Decomposition III

The Barn in Question

The Barn in Question

The previous two photos posted were taken in the basement of this building. I posted some photos of the interior some time ago here. I continue to wrestle with the same conundrum. What can be done to save the barn? Yet I cannot justify spending any money on it. This all makes me grumpy.


The Barn 1962








May 1962

4 Responses to “Decomposition III”

  1. sonnyboy3

    It would seem you have answered your own question. Great pics, as usual.

  2. mlhe

    Framing the framework of an old paradigm makes you grumpy? Embrace change. Her arms are warm and inviting. If you let her, she’ll transfer the grumpy to something new…and knowing you, you’ll point a lens at it!

  3. Eugene Knapik

    Well it is a beautiful old barn. I totally understand how you can’t save it yet can’t let it go. It would be handy to be filthy rich at a time like this. If I had a beautiful old barn and I happened to be filthy rich (which sadly I’m not) I’d turn it into a super-fantastic painting/music studio.


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