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Decomposition II


Milking Parlor Sans Everything Except the Stanchions

It falls to me, somewhat against my will, to preside over the ever so gradual but relentless composting of some of the outbuildings on this old farm that no longer serve their purpose. Somebody has to do it, and there is nobody else left. This can bring about an eerie sensation since it was on this place that I grew up. There are ghosts. I can say this for the job, however. It is a quiet one far from the clatter of mainstream culture–if I can be forgiven the use of that term–in the United States of America.

3 Responses to “Decomposition II”

  1. Mary Lou (Dolan) Cook

    Reminds me of the old barn before Dad put in the glass pipeline and more modern milk tank & all that went with it……now all that is gone and there is very little sign that there ever was a working farm at the old home place south of Prairieburg.

  2. mlhe

    Talk about ‘eliminating dairy’ and there you go…. What I’m interested in is why the task was left to no one but you. I know one reason. It was meant to be shared with people like me…and other readers and appreciators of the reality you report so well in word and graphic.


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