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White Pine Hollow IV

White Pine Hollow IV

We previously visited White Pine Hollow State Forest in this blog here, here, and here. I wrote nothing about the place at that time although I am obviously quite taken with it. The portion of the forest designated as a preserve is rough–no finished paths, no picnic tables, and no people. One has to tramp down a long grade with poor footing to get to the cold water stream and what remains of the stand of White Pine. I shall spare you any quotations of Thoreau. Suffice it to say that the silence of that forest is restorative.

5 Responses to “White Pine Hollow IV”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Perhaps I should have written “relative silence,” but what noise there is of birds and whatnot seems only to make the impression of silence more profound. If you can “see” it, Sonnyboy, then the photo is a success. Thanks.

  1. Angeline M

    The silence in a place of beauty like this can be such a source of “alimento” for the soul (can’t think of the word in English).


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