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Proust in the Metro

The Metro

November 2007

I must say that this is the damnedest collection of photographs that I have been putting up here recently. One day we are in Mexico or some honky-tonk on the Wapsipinicon River, the next we are in Texas, and the next we are in Paris. There is no unifying theme for this blog. I feel badly about that. This blog would be so much better if there were a unifying theme. Perhaps the unifying theme of this blog is that there is no unifying theme. I mean, after all, at any given time I am where I am . . . or more properly, was were I was. I am where I am now and was where I was then. Only over the past few years, however, do I have pictorial evidence of where I was. That is a good thing. Otherwise, I would have no idea where I was. There is enough trouble around here with where I am. Know what I mean?

3 Responses to “Proust in the Metro”

  1. mlhe

    Like this “balance” that people strive for, “unifying themes” are boring! Thanks for the sortie!

  2. michel pellerin

    Bras, you looked for it… once you found the «where», you have access to the «who» you are and then you may ask, Where I want to be ? Still I don’t see Proust in there because he was quite comfortable in the French elite he frequented.


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