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In Her Studio: Number Five

The Price of Manhattan

Saving up to buy back the island of Manhattan for the indigenous. As for those who have settled on the island in the interim, a new homeland will be provided for them in West Texas.

5 Responses to “In Her Studio: Number Five”

  1. suzink55

    Don’t scoff. Those beads represent her entire fortune presently. However the recent procurement of some fine deer antlers does hold forth the promise of more to come.

  2. suzink55

    You live a life of intended merit and credibility and sacrifice and you end up with two dozen jars of beads and shiny things. What comes next? A shrine to your own stupidity? No. I think you use what you’ve bartered for by making good. How? That is for the next chapter. Stay tuned. These photographs are paralyzingly real. Amazing work, sir. Thank you.


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