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The Mud, the Blood, and the Beer

A change of pace for a change.

The Mud, the Blood, and the Beer


17 March 2013

I like to imagine a person asking me what cultural activities are available here. I have to imagine it because nobody in these parts would ask such a question. But let us imagine somebody did ask me what cultural activities are available here. In that case I would have to point downstream to the southeast. About eight miles away as the crow flies the gravel roads, there lies the village of Waubeek, population 87. The King’s Writ does not extend into Waubeek. Oh, somebody might show up if you killed a person, but nobody would bother if you only maimed him.

The only remaining business establishment in Waubeek is a honky-tonk called FB & Company, a local institution. The culture is so thick in there that you have to ladle it onto your pancakes with a spoon. You can find yourself in a conversation on just about any topic as long as it has something to do with guns, fish, dogs, or women. On special occasions you might even have a conversation with a woman, like, say, . . .



. . . Wilma, when she is not distracted by a band she loves that is.

It was in this place that I learned the art of civil conversation as a young man. No consequences follow upon incivility in a conversation between two people over the internet, two people who might be a thousand miles apart. Large consequences follow upon incivility in a conversation with a farm boy sitting right next to you in FB & Company. One learns well. I am civil in conversation with others to this day, over the internet or otherwise.

Outdoor Stage

The outdoor stage in late winter behind FB & Company awaiting more culture to come in the summertime.


5 Responses to “The Mud, the Blood, and the Beer”

  1. kalabalu

    songs bring people together , music stays and poetry keeps it alive inside..Just listened to Candy coated kisses by Michael Mulholland and it is still getting replayed ..

  2. sonnyboy3

    Again, this reminds of some of the watering holes I have frequented and played in. Is that you seated and playing guitar? One example of entertainment disparity, we did Toot Toot’s, a shrimper bar in Aransas Pass, one night and the Marriot ball room the next.


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