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In Her Studio: Number Three

The Ladle

The Ladle

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I do not wish to seem intentionally mysterious what with this “In Her Studio” business. I shall therefore append a brief explanation to this blog entry. The situation is a straightforward one.

Hog House

Some few months ago I offered the shelter of this old farmstead to an impoverished artist. (“Impoverished” seems redundant in that usage, does it not?) In addition to shelter, she needed studio space. The only space available was the old hog house down on the other side of the road. This was not necessarily suitable space. Those premises are no longer served with running water. The heat provided by an old wood-burner is inadequate. The air conditioner from my last American apartment cannot keep ahead of the heat and humidity in the summer doldrums of August. There are no windows, although there are nice skylights installed in the roof. Various critters frequent the place. Still, it was the only space that I had to offer.

Hog Hoiuse Cleanup

There have been no hogs in the hog house for decades. It was last used as a woodworking shop. I cleaned it out as best I could. The artist then moved in her operation.

As any good landlord would do, I continue to attempt improvements to the hog house to make it more suitable to its current purpose. For example, the latest critters to take up residence there are crickets, lots of them. I have therefore undertaken a program of moving all the toads that I can find into the hog house to feast upon the crickets. Among these toads the two most sociable are Prince and Daisy. Prince can often be found lounging in the artist’s dogs’ water dish when one first enters the studio of a morning. There he digests the night’s crickets, I presume.

But I digress.

Studio in Place

In any event rustic it all is, and rustic will have to do for now. The artist, a big city person during the entirety of her previous existence, copes.

The Drawing Table

The artist has been working in that space for some time now. She has a variety of whimsical artist-type stuff in there. Occasionally, I visit. A landlord, after all, has a reasonable right of entry onto a tenancy for the purpose of inspection. During these inspections I began to take photos of the stuff, much of which intrigues me. Hence, this little series entitled “In Her Studio.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The Prismaccolor Guy

The Prismacolor Guy

9 Responses to “In Her Studio: Number Three”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Thanks, sonnyboy. That is kind of you. In fact I consider this whole endeavor kind of me, too. But the arts and all, you know . . . must support them.

    • StephenBrassawe

      . . . along with equal parts of hog hell, Mary. I find that the winter cold and the summer humidity are equally destructive to the artist’s artist stuff. As a consequence I must get some insulation installed as soon as possible.

    • StephenBrassawe

      Well, not quite yet, Ms. Livingston, but I’m tryin’.

  1. Angeline M

    I also love to see an artist’s work space and the articles they use…it especially catches my attention in every artist’s studio I’ve been in, that they always seem to utilize very interesting tins for their pens and brushes and paint spatulas. Your artist in residence has some great work.


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