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Beyond the Scope

Railroad Tracks-3410

One might ask why my pal and I were way down there at the tracks along the south end of the property as a weather front was approaching no less, carefully placing a collection of coins from other countries and one subway token on the rails . . .




. . . with a view toward retrieving them the next day . . .


Railroad Tracks-3414


. . . after they had all been squashed by a locomotive.

That subject is unfortunately beyond the scope of this treatise.


5 Responses to “Beyond the Scope”

  1. spixl

    You can take the boy out of childhood, but you can’t take childhood out of the boy. Glad your quirky voice has returned to the blogosphere.

  2. The Tracks | The Solipsist

    […] There is a prior admission in this blog that I have indeed in the past placed coins on those tracks to be crushed by passing freight trains. We can rely upon at least two freight trains passing on any given day. So far none of these freights have been derailed by my coins. Should that occur in the future, I will immediately delete this and related blog entries. […]


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