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On the Ridgeline

I am obviously not in Mexico. My aged mama needed me. For the time being I must manage her affairs, affairs that primarily involve the family farm up on this windy ridgeline where I am staying now. It has required an immense amount of work to make it habitable again, as I define “habitable.” This has kept me busy. If I had brothers or sisters or both, I would shuffle all of this off onto their shoulders and be gone in an instant. On the other hand and based upon my observations of other families through the years, siblings bring more problems than they are worth. So my situation is as it ought to be. I shall rewrite “About the Blog” shortly. In the meantime the photos posted here will portray various aspects of this somewhat remote place as those few I have posted over the past few months do.

The Map in the Chicken House

7 Responses to “On the Ridgeline”

  1. analivingston

    I hope everything gets completed sooner than expected. I admire you for stepping up—many would have passed off the responsibility to someone; anyone. Imagine the elation you’ll be feeling, finally turning your truck south for the long haul…

  2. sonnyboy3

    It’s good to take care of mama. Karma capital, so to speak. Mexico will always be there. Best…

  3. Rubye Jack

    Life does have its twists and turns doesn’t it.
    My own experience has taught me it is far better to stop and care for a parent for awhile then to be lost in self, as fun as it may be.

  4. vera ersilia

    ah… but who says we have to grow up ? now in my olden years I have taken this as my motto: I’ll mature when I’m dead. It is the title of a book but I did not need to read it. The title was enough.
    Post your pictures please of old America … North America that is.


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