in rural Paris, Iowa, and Wordpress

Einstein’s Home

His real name is not important for our purposes here.


The studio.


These photos are from the ongoing series with the working title . . .


. . . “Men Without Women.”


A study in red.


That relationship ended long ago.


5 Responses to “Einstein’s Home”

  1. Angeline M

    So, no one has any questions?
    You report this as an ongoing series, so you will tell us more? I’m certainly intrigued. The study in red most of all….just, wow!

  2. spixl

    Reminds me of the studio apartment of artist/musician friend… another man without a woman.

  3. whnstarzshine4u

    I love the fun colors and bright teal/turquoise stair case. It makes me think that a man without a women has more fun *laughs*. It is like a museum of overwhelming the senses but at the same time very welcoming.


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