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A Day in the Neighborhood, 17 June 2012: Number One

Dia de los locos-064

I am going to cease pretending that I do not miss my home in Mexico. That approach is getting me nowhere. My errand to the north seems as if it is taking forever, and I am sick at heart. I shall return to Mexico though. My apartment awaits me.

Dia de los locos-071

I have a series of photos to post in the meantime that are not necessarily technically admirable. Nonetheless, they are photos that I like and look at often. I have decided to post some of them over the next several days.

Dia de los locos-088

I am hoping that my visitors might find some little detail in these photos and those to come that interests them.

Dia de los locos-078

All of these photos and those to follow until further notice were taken on the same day. Dia de los locos is the neighborhood fiesta of my neighborhood, colonia San Antonio in San Miguel de Allende. The photos are not the usual colorful ones of costumed revelers. Rather, let us call these photos my attempt at realism.

4 Responses to “A Day in the Neighborhood, 17 June 2012: Number One”

  1. Jamie Dedes

    Whether they are “technically admirable” or not, I don’t know. Seem fine to me; but, what I love is that they tell something of the story of a people – such a handsome people in this case. Interesting that just like every other place in the world, where the people are gathered there are the henchman of authority, an unhappy necessity. I love the little lady at the end. That’s a great catch.

    Wishing you a speady return to your beloved city.


    • StephenBrassawe

      Thank you, Jamie. Very kind of you.

      The army comes to town for the big fiestas.

  2. Angeline

    I’m glad you are finally not in denial any longer. Posting photos of Mexico seems like wonderful therapy.
    I love the loco behind the guy with the horn in the group of musicos.

    • StephenBrassawe

      Yes, it has been good therapy, Angeline. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my therapy.


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