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F.B. & Company

Waubeek-021F.B. & Company in Waubeek on the river is where I go for lunch amid the work of cleaning out this old farmhouse.Stone City-013Fomerly a general store downstairs and hotel upstairs at the turn of the century, F.B. & Company offers a lunch special for $6.75. Tracy, a descendent of the warrior Waukon Decorah, is an excellent cook. If one is a drinker, the violence there in the evening and on weekends is quite manageable. One need only stay out of the way.

Stone City-036

During lunch I can chat with Jack, who is reliably present, and catch up on news from the outside world.

Stone City-039

Which is my own little joke. Jack has not had any contact with the outside world in years.

5 Responses to “F.B. & Company”

  1. Angeline M

    It just seems that the food coming out of this kitchen would be good; does Tracy go all the way back in lineage to do some French cooking?


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