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Un poco mas

San Antonio Run-112

A photo of the confluence of some alleys featuring Christmas colors and for a change of pace today, some music:

Un poco mas by Lila Downs.

That piece by Lila Downs may be more suitable for the late evening hours than with your coffee in the morning, but now you know.

2 Responses to “Un poco mas”

  1. kalabalu

    What do I see when I look at you, a collage of colors with different hues, circular pattern of bricks on floor, arch way but has no door, only two windows earlier there were four, welcome to the blind corner ..yes there is no more :))

  2. Angeline M

    The green and orange (it’s not orange, but for lack of a better descriptor) remind me of ice cream or paletas colors. And I love how you just nicked the edge of a callejon on the left.


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