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The Reservoir

A few days ago I drove out to check on the reservoir–part of my realm–after what I thought had been a good rainy season . . .
Unfinished Construction 096. . . but there is not as much water in the reservoir as I wish there were. These birds were sunning themselves atop some old Spanish ruins that sit on the floor of the reservoir. This soon after the rainy season those ruins should be completely submerged. The increasing demands of agricultural irrigation on the reservoir simply do not allow it to fill completely anymore even in a good rainy season.

There was sufficient water to the float the pelicans.

8 Responses to “The Reservoir”

  1. StephenBrassawe

    Not evey damned entry in this blog can be a stunning masterpiece, you know. Maintaining a blog is much like running a 24-hour news channel. You have to generate a lot of content. As a result there will quite naturally be some variability in the quality of that content.

  2. kalabalu

    Now ..what do we have here..many tasty fishes may be a pleasant two get into action I will go around and take a look 🙂 But, I still think we got a good catching point 😉


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