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This Young Couple

El Charco with Filter Lightroom-144

I was about here on the pipeline when I first noticed them. Having just finished walking the stretch in which the pipeline is up on piers, I needed a break. In the heat of the late August sun, it is easy to work up a sweat. Tai Chi with stakes. I sat down on the pipe to take some water.

Young Couple at El Charco

23 August 2012 

This young couple came walking down along the rim of the canyon on the other side. They had obviously just gotten out of school. She was still in her school uniform. They had the place to themselves over there.

There was something about their body language that made me like them. They appeared to be good kids to put it simply. The mere fact that they had come to the nature preserve instead of coupling up in the deep confines of the city park, Parque Benito Juárez, counted a great deal in their favor in my mind. Their school chums were undoubtedly all back in the park. Young people like this have an extraordinarily difficult time finding any privacy in Mexico. There was a reticence about them that made it clear that they had not spent much time alone in each other’s company. They were getting acquainted on a different level now.

In the grip of it they were, Schopenhauer’s Will to Reproduce. Beckoned to a kind of self-immolation in the great cause of reproducing this species. Young as they were, already being tempted into the Darwinian harness. The conclusion of Romeo and Juliet is a happy one, pinned as they are in their youth to a board like beautiful butterflies forever in our minds. Saved by Friar Laurence’s fuckup from that later grind to which they had consigned themselves. If there was some real danger that the relationship of this young couple might “work out,” perhaps they ought best to jump off the edge together right now. Save themselves a lot of misery.

Then my mind cleared. To hell with Schopenhauer. I hoped they were having fun together and enjoying the freshness of the experience of each other. Most of all, I hoped that they would keep their wits about them at the same time. The latter of course being somewhat akin to hoping that the sun rises in the west in the morning.

9 Responses to “This Young Couple”

  1. kalabalu

    They were far but this man on the pipe ..hey! look..but the girl was shy and scared too, it is safe and as he motioned , they cam close to the edge, unknowingly connected, the man and the young couple, both thought about each other’s future and present. At two level, two spots, both dangerous yet courageous, smiling they left the man behind..strangers captured in mind..

    • StephenBrassawe

      What a sweet comment to leave, Melanie. But don’t give it a second thought. I am always reasonably careful. I would miss my own musings far more than you would.

  2. spixl

    Ahhh… I love the young canoodlers in Mexico! But, walking a pipeline over the canyon to get a shot??? ¡Poco loco!

    • StephenBrassawe

      I confess, spixl, that I take a lot of heat about this from friends who consider it childish, faux macho, exhibitionistic derring-do not at all appropriate to my current station in life. I deserve that and therefore have no problem with that.


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