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After the Flop

I’ll see that beautiful Flower in a Teacup and raise it one unidentified plant in a big, dirty coffee cup:

Plant in a Coffee Cup

(I am thinking that may not have been a legitimate raise.)

12 Responses to “After the Flop”

    • StephenBrassawe

      I was hoping that you would get a pingback, but I could not see any at your blog.

      Notice that I tarted up my photo with a vignette and a frame, scott.

      • scott2608

        Yes, you framed the star of the photo very well. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what type of camera do you use?

  1. StephenBrassawe

    I have been buying Canons since the 35 mm film days, scott. I have worked my way up to the EOS 7D, but let me add something about that.

    This camera is expensive and heavy primarily because of the high end video capability. It makes astounding HD video, but unless one is really interested in that, one should not pay for it and then carry it around all the time inside this camera. I purchased it because I intend to be a famous film director some day.

    The dirty little secret that you know but that many have yet to learn is that it is the lens not the camera . . . within reasonable parameters on the camera of course. Were I to do this over again, I would buy less camera and more lens. I currently only have one, an EFS 18-135 mm zoom. Early on this lens was kinda considered the “stock” lens for this camera. There are problems with it, particularly with chromatic aberration. Canon provides some software to correct this as well as lens distortion and other little issues, but damn! To effectively deal with all of that, one is forced to shoot in RAW format, not JPEG, because that is what the software is designed to work with. The next trip north I shall sell off some more possessions from the previous life and purchase a different, hopefully better, lens.

    Sorry for this saga, but I did not want to simply give you the make and model of the camera and pretend that was the end of the story.

  2. scott2608

    Thanks, Stephen and the saga is very informative. I currently use a Canon T1i and my go to lens is a Canon 50mm f1.4 and that setup does almost everything I ask it to do but it comes up short with ISO “noise” above 400 IOS. I like shooting still life and most of it is inside dark places with awful lighting so I am looking to move up to a Canon that can handle ISO above 6400. I have two cameras on my short list but I may need to send a letter to Santa. 🙂


    I started with a Polaroid back in the dark ages.

    • StephenBrassawe

      We ALL had a Polaroid, scott, some of us two or three of them. And they were fun. F-U-N.

      I certainly know what you mean about the ISO noise in low light, and to tell you truth I admire your gumption in tackling low light photos day in and day out. When you hit those low light exposures on the nose, they are really beautiful though. I know that is what has hooked you.

      Tell Santa that he had better come through with my friend scott’s camera of choice, or else scott’s friend in Mexico and his Mexican pals are going to pay a special visit to Santa, in which case Santa will very much wish that he had come through with scott’s camera of choice.

  3. scott2608

    There is beauty is ISO noise but for some shots it just will not do. You always have to strive for the perfect shot and photo. Well let us just hope Santa makes the right call or…. Tonight I will pour two shots of Patron, one for myself and the other one for my new blogger friend in Mexico.

    I think I still have my Polaroid somewhere.

    • StephenBrassawe

      Cuervo Tradicional, scott. The high end Cuervo lable. That is what all my friends take, and it will probably cost you less than the Patron. I never recommend anything to anyone, but if I were in the business of recommending, I would recommend Cuerva Tradicional to you.

      • scott2608

        I used to drink Cuervo gold but moved over to Patron many years ago. However, I will take your unofficial recommendation and try Cuervo Tradicional.

  4. kalabalu

    The last time we had coffee or was it tea..and left it unwashed ..lo! next we find the cup got a crown, what did happen see that sober looking green cactus..ahan..hmmmm..bad eh 😉

      • kalabalu

        :)) why put me in a cup..that too unwashed and left to rot..look what grew out of the blues..and you knew..about the cacti too 😉


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