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Abandoned Construction Revisited

Door to Tree

If you were to hop in the pickup truck and ride along with me west out of town toward the reservoir, soon after we turned off onto the dirt roads to get to the water, this edifice would loom up on the horizon. It is a large, unfinished church. This shell has sat there unfinished for some years now. It is an interesting place to visit with a camera.

Unfinished Construction

Some time ago I posted some old snapshots of the building simply as a kind of supplement to Michel’s photographs published on his blog at the time. Recently, I returned there to make my own run at it. I intend to publish a couple of photos of it every day for a couple of days running, one exterior and one interior. Photos of the interior can create some interesting abstract effects because of the shadows. Also, you can play with surrealism a bit. Who was that painter associated with the Surrealism Movement who often featured representative images floating amid surreal abstractions? I believe that I am thinking of Chirico, but I am too lazy to look it up.

A couple of Michel’s takes on the place last June are here.

3 Responses to “Abandoned Construction Revisited”

  1. kalabalu

    The dark passage to light, like an escape from sins to forgiveness, one day the church would be complete and grandeur would speak, today it is unfinished and abandoned, where have all the people gone, have they forgotten their unfinished duty or they feel no need to this representing the condition of faithfuls..or we may hope for a return..revisit..redeem

    • StephenBrassawe

      You always have these wonderfully mystical observations on images such as this, kalabalu. I am delighted that you visited here today.

      This, obviously, was intended to be a building on a grand scale. There are many abandoned projects such as this where I live. They all stand there surrounded by mystery. Why were they even started if there was not an assuredly sufficient amount of money or will to finish them? One never knows.

      • kalabalu

        Sometimes, those who started these projects are no more,due to legal, financial or social reasons. But, if investigated ,these may be used for the best..either continue or give way to new buildings


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