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Abandonada, núm. 1

Abandonada, núm 1, Interior

As a general rule in the usual circumstances, as I am advised by the unhinged Québécois and Steve Isaac, the master blaster in black and white, we deal with a difference of the equivalent of two f-stops between the brightness in the shade and the brightness in the open sun. (That was not the most elegant way to express what I was trying to express, but it will have to do until I think of a better way to say it.) Here there is a significantly bigger spread, especially at midday. Even the best photographers struggle with that in the great state of Guanajuato. Over-exposed back lit areas, washed out skies, blacked out areas in the shade, etc.

On the other hand–and the reason that I bring the subject up–one does get these nice, crisp shadows to play with.

Abandonada, núm. 1, ExteriorAnd by the way, these photos are not a violation of my oath never to publish any more photographs of churches in this blog. This building never officially became a church. As it stands, it is merely another piece of nondescript, abandoned construction. That is the loophole of which I am availing myself this time.

4 Responses to “Abandonada, núm. 1”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Hi, mae! Never fear. I can always find some way to rationalize one more church photo. Glad you found these interesting. There will be two or four more to follow.

    • StephenBrassawe

      No need to search for an answer, Jamie. I have hard drives full of photos of churches. They seem to reach out, tug on my sleeve, and say, “Take my picture!” Since I do not necessarily wish to maintain a blog with the theme “All Churches, All the Time,” I took an oath not to post any more photos of churches. Yet, I find ways around that oath all the time. Because of my facility for finding ways around that oath, I suspect that there will be more photos of churches here now and again.


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