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Low Light

. . . in the early morning of 16 August.

Calle Orizaba whence I came, not nearly as forbidding in the dark as it looks. I know that in writing that I could not have more eloquently asked for trouble down there sometime soon.

What would we do without Farmacia Guadalajara in Mexico? Available everywhere and anytime.

Not awake yet.

The ascent of the mountain via Cruz del Pueblo, the residential street for foot traffic only.

General Allende still on his horse down there in the foreground in Plaza Cívica Ignacio Allende.

The early morning hours just before sunrise are haunted by solitary, old men. That is not some cheap play for poignant effect. I love haunting the early morning hours just before sunrise.

11 Responses to “Low Light”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Glad you enjoyed them, Gail. I do not claim any special camera skills in low light, and I am certainly not going to carry around a tripod on that jaunt. Still, you can kinda see the stuff.

    • StephenBrassawe

      You can ride your bicycle down those ramps, Angeline. The problem is that if you live there, you need to get your bicycle back up there at some point.

  1. The Wanderlust Gene

    That’s a gorgeous walk, Steve – so colourful in that almost pinkish pre-dawn light. I love to be up to see the dawn, but I have to admit I’m not much on being up and out at that time of day – wandering around, examining things in the garden, sitting on the balcony in the cool crisp air, now that appeals. Having said that, if something can persuade me to get dressed and walk on the beach, or in the forest just before dawn … that’s like heaven.

  2. Jamie Dedes

    Perfectly beautiful. Had the sensation of watching the early morning light evolve … Each is lovely and together quite stunning. Enjoyed much. Thanks for posting, Stephen.

    • StephenBrassawe

      The light, which is wildly different at different times, is a large factor in making the whole place worthwhile.


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