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In Pairs

While fanning through the exterior hard drive yesterday looking for the one in yesterday’s entry, I encountered this photo. I may have previously put it up somewhere. Again, I know that real photographers do not speak about their work, the photographs of real photographers having the ability to speak for themselves most eloquently. My vanity requires that you know that I know that. Since I have never claimed to be a real photographer, however, I feel no compunction about speaking of my own snapshots here as well as speaking about the photographs of others in comments on their blogs.

The superficial appeal of this photo to me derives from the situation of the two young women next to the two older women, women in twos in two different stages of life. Yet, there is something else here entirely unrelated to that. None of the people in this photograph save one had any idea that their photo was being taken. The exception was that young woman in the background on the left now looking straight at me in the photo. She caught me out. Why? Because she was alone. It is when we are alone that we are most aware.

The experience of life when we are alone is fundamentally different from the experience of it when we are with someone else. There is much to be said for both ways of experiencing life, but they remain fundamentally different. I suppose that I state the self-evident there, but it is the self-evident, I think, that is most neglected in statement.

4 Responses to “In Pairs”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Thanks, spider. You have emboldened me to add that when one is in the company of a smart phone, one is not alone.

      • ispiderbook

        You’re absolutely right. I now consider amongst the company I keep Angry birds, Plants vs Zombies and the antics of thousands of cute kittens.


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