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Last Door; Last Church Revisited

Finding that visitors continue to pay calls to Last Door; Last Church, I will bring everyone up to date on that endeavor.

Having seen my photos in that entry, my friend Michel Pellerin, the unhinged Quebcois, was able to find the chapel with the help of Google something and twice in succession visited it to take his own photographs in his own way. He is a professional photographer who thrives in architectural photography. I have seen those photos now. They are fine, and perhaps he will soon publish some of them in his own blog.

Here is the interesting thing. Michel found that the door was actually locked in some fashion. He did, however, find a gap in the door and put his camera to it to show me what he saw. The result was these two shots.

The little snippets of the mural we see lead us to believe that the mural was painted relatively recently. The style of the cherub and the hand is what I am speaking of here. We are not authorities, but we have certainly looked at a lot of this sort of thing. Michel claims also to have seen more salvaged building materials stacked on the floor inside.

This clearly settles one thing. We must find the person with the authority to let us into this chapel so that we can take pictures. How to accomplish that? Michel’s idea, which is quintessentially a Michel idea in its grandiosity, is to go see the Archbishop. I have my doubts about the efficacy of that in terms of what we want to accomplish, and surely we will be shuffled off to some functionary in spite of Michel’s highly vocal protests. Seeking an audience with the Archbishop along with the unhinged Quebecois in any event will undoubtedly be an adventure in and of itself.

The lesson here is that children should always be kept productively occupied lest they wander off into mischief such as this.

7 Responses to “Last Door; Last Church Revisited”

  1. Angeline M

    That first shot is fabulous…a little tease, a little tittilation. I can see that you would want to get in to uncover the whole of this part…but then, again……I somethimes like to fill in missing parts in my mind’s eye……I’ve changed my mind already. Meet with the archbishop, take a young boy as an offering, he’s sure to let you in.

    • StephenBrassawe

      If this were simply a question of guards or security people, Angeline, Michel would blithely wave them off, sternly announce “I am photographer,” and sail right on by with me in his wake. I will think on how to avoid ruining your enjoyment of the image you form in your imagination.

  2. The Wanderlust Gene

    Grand and blithe – just the attitude for an Archbishop! Let the good Quebecios have his way and get us into that chapel tout de suite … the damage has been done – the children are on the rampage and demand to know what’s behind that door 🙂

    • StephenBrassawe

      You betcha, Jamie. I shall grease the hand of the archbishop if necessary.


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