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Roots II, The Sequel

The photo above is my rather unconventional entry in Rodposse’s Flora Foto Contest entitled Roots. Rodposse is quite the promoter. If Rodposse does not become famous as he would like, then there is no justice in this world.

But how hectic this has been! When I saw the scoop on his photo contest yesterday, I raced out to the village of La Huerta once again to attempt still more photographs around the huge tree there, El Sabino. (One cannot take a photograph of the entire tree. It is too big.) I have been attempting to photograph that tree for years now. In the process of offloading the 81 new photos that I took later in the day, I lost all the photos related to the tree and was left with only a couple chicken pictures. So I drove out there again this morning. I wish I had had more time to work on this photo this afternoon. As it is, I got my entry off to Rodposse just in time, the 29th entry out of 29. This sort of pace is not consistent with my lifestyle.

If you really do like the photo, then click here and “Like” it at Rodposse’s blog. Otherwise, I am going to be embarrassed by the other entrants, people who have friends. While you are at it, you can look at some of the amazing photos of flowers and flora-related scenes that constitute the other entries and “Like” them, too.

I am kinda fond of this one, but I did not have time to take that goddamned hose out of the photo and was not really inclined to anyway.

3 Responses to “Roots II, The Sequel”

  1. The Wanderlust Gene

    The roots of a great old tree – gnarled and living, and a little wicked, like looking at silken pyjamas that should be under the bedsheets! Yes, I loved it – both actually, and went across to vote. By the way, i’m interested to know the tree must share the water with the garden beyond – the hose wasn’t distracting at all, as a narrative picture (I’m not so keen on ‘shopping’ out, it’s a like a bit too much plastic surgery for me!).

    Hope you do well – the tree deserves it, and so does your silvery shot – and that more people will go to vote soon, because I’ve at last posted my ‘acceptance speech’ – thanks again for the nomination 🙂

    • StephenBrassawe

      The people of La Huerta actually get water from the spring, Gene. When I was out there yesterday, a little girl came by and dipped two buckets full out of it. I think the hose has something to do with that. I have never walked that hose to see where it goes.

      • The Wanderlust Gene

        What a plentiful spring it must be then – feeding the tree and the villagers – the relationship between the spring and the tree becomes more poetically entwined by the minute.


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