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Everyone Likes Mariana

Mariana Early.

Mariana Later.

I must get my models where I can find them. We are on a limited budget here. Mariana is a pal. She does this for me when the drunks have finally wandered off and she gets a break. I first discovered how camera friendly she is when I took the photos of her above with a pocket camera.

When times are good, Mariana has been known to purchase a new pair of shoes every day for two weeks running.

4 April 2012, Manolo’s Sports Bar

No, I myself have not taken up alcohol again, but there will be more photos of Mariana.

Mariana was upset because her horse was so much smaller than the others.

By the way that is Mauricio Magaña on the right, rescuer of starving horses, owner of 3 Señores Stables, stuntman, and general Renaissance character. You can see Mauricio in the role of the older Abraham Sánchez in the film And Pancho Villa Starring as Himself. Mauricio is passing camera friendly, too.

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