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Thank You, Verónica

It was not that long ago. Only a very few years. Had someone told me then that in a short time, only a few years, I could be regularly staring at photographs of skeins of yarn and fabric via the internet, I would have immediately shot myself lest it all progress any further toward that end. Today, that is exactly what I do fairly regularly, stare at photographs of skeins of yarn and fabric via the internet. It is Verónica and her blog Agujas that I have to thank for this. Agujas means needles, by the way, which is what attracted my attention at first, not knowing at all what I was getting into. I jest of course. There is much more in her blog.

Now I have something else to thank Verónica for. She named this blog, my WordPress blog, one of the ten recipients of her Reader’s Appreciation Award, a neat idea that involves passing it along. Verónica was convinced, I think, that I would not care about her award. I suppose that is because I sometimes write things that sound cynical and make me appear crusty. Actually, I am a crusty cream puff.

The only problem is that I must answer some questions. The problem is not the questions but the fact that I have such difficulty answering any question succinctly. Acquaintances have long ago left off greeting me with a question such as, “How are you?” I assume they wish to know how I am when they ask that. In detail. People do not have time for my answer. Not enough hours in the day.

I have edited and edited the following answers so that there is not one word beyond that required to respond meaningfully in my estimation. The result is the best that I can do in terms of brevity. It is not required reading in any event. Still, please remember Frida Kahlo’s words in The Lacuna. The most important thing about a person is always the thing that you do not know.

Your favorite color? Over my entire life and up until about three years ago, my quick answer to this question would have been “blue.” Bang! Done with question. I have changed; my taste has changed. Now my favorite color is a particular shade of red. How can I describe that shade of red? Just a second . . . . Here. Here is a swatch of my favorite color.

Your favorite animal? The hummingbirds. Los colibrís. They have been such companionable creatures for me, a bit preoccupied but companionable nonetheless.

Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? The answer is, generally, ice tea; the specific answer is sun tea. Why that subtle difference in the taste of ice tea that has been brewed in the sun I know not.

Facebook® or Twitter®? I admit that I indulge in Facebook®, regularly for a time until I tire of it and require an extended break, then regularly again. I have a Twitter® account, but it is much neglected except when I am on the road.

Your favorite pattern? A subtle glen plaid. It makes my shoulders look broader.

Getting or giving presents? Giving, and not because I am such a warm, generous man. I am unaccountably awkward at accepting gifts–so bad that I know that at times in the past I have hurt the feelings of people for whom I care. This is why I wish to try to accept Verónica’s gift of this Reader’s Appreciation Award with some grace, although perhaps I am overdoing it.

Your favorite number? Twenty-one, for sentimental reasons. I wore that number in a different century, on a different planet.

Your favorite day of the week? Thursday. That is the day that Laura comes to clean my apartment as well as hide my personal belongings after I have left her to her work. During the following week I enjoy the diversion of trying to outwit Laura and find my personal belongings again without giving her the satisfaction of a telephone call from me asking her where she put the stuff.

Your favorite flower? Generally, I think cactus blossoms are in a category by themselves. I felt that way long before I meandered off to México. But that is too general an answer. This is my favorite. I do not know the species, but I was stunned when this cactus first bloomed.

What is your passion? The most casual visitor to this blog already knows my answer to this question. México and nearly everything about it. México and its people have been my salvation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Now then, the next thing that I must do here in connection with this Reader’s Appreciation Award is pass it along to others. Here, with one exception, you will get short answers from me because nine of them are well known blogs that have probably already received more than one Readers’ Appreciation Award. That does not change the fact that I appreciate them, too. If you are unacquainted with any of those nine, click on it.

The exception is Number One. Número Uno.

  1. mfourlbyhfourepoetry This young woman’s blog appears to be of recent advent in WordPress and undiscovered as yet. I am seldom, if ever, in the business of recommending anything to anyone. I make an exception here. This is poetry from a different solar system, nothing like what you would expect under the heading “poetry,” as a matter of fact. For that reason it matters not a whit whether you think you like poetry. Put your brain in four-wheel drive, low range, and try this blog. Do not feel lonely if you encounter a couple that befuddle you. When one comes down the pike that lights you up, you will be hooked.
  2. WISIWIS (What I See Is What I Shoot)
  3. Aventuras de Abril
  4. Comrade’s Calacas.
  5. The Wanderlust Gene
  6. Notes From A She-Hermit ©™®
  7. Rodposse.
  8. L’AMOUR de la PHOTO
  9. 27TH STREET
  10. Ana Livingston, Fine Artist & Muralist, Poet & Writer

I know. I know. That is eleven, not ten. Do you know what I would do if I were you? I would sue me. I cannot leave Denisa’s poetry off my list. If I were a bit younger, Denisa would find that I can be a nuisance.

Now that these bloggers have secured my Reader’s Appreciation Award, I do hope that they do not let up.

5 Responses to “Thank You, Verónica”

  1. Eugene Knapik

    Geez Steve, I feel honoured (or honored if you prefer the American spelling) to be on your list, and since I don’t get that many visits and not many comments either for that matter, I’m buoyed that I might pick up a visitor or two (until they figure out I’m only going to post more pictures of my dogs and more folky-dolky music). Now I can tell people I have an award-winning blog and be willing to take a polygraph to back up that statement. Please tell me I’m allowed to simply thank you and continue on and don’t have to make my own list and all that jazz. I’ll confess I only visit a dozen or so blogs and two of them are yours, and two or three of them aren’t even updated all that much anymore. Several bloggers I used to follow only post on facebook these days and that’s just not the same. I think the popularity of blogging has waned some or maybe passed its peak. I kind of like that. It makes it special again. Anyway, thanks again.

    • StephenBrassawe

      I would not even know about some of this music that I know about now if it were not for you, street. I would not know about some of these mushrooms that I know about now either if it were not for you.

  2. The Wanderlust Gene

    I’m honoured to be on your list, Stephen – thank you, and will happily pay it forward. But first I’m off to explore Veronica’s site, and your other nominees … 😉


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