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Hole in the Wall

A Hole in the Wall, Obviously

Michel’s shot of the hole in the wall can be seen here.

6 Responses to “Hole in the Wall”

  1. kalabalu

    The sky now visible and I don’t see the hole, because I am viewing the horizon from under thats where my eyes are, not where you have stood too long on that ground. Come join me and watch how blue the sky is and how clouds form .Later, we can repair this hole, with a door or a window , maybe we close it up as a wall, don’t know how old bricks would react to it all.

    • StephenBrassawe

      There is something about this hole that has convinced me that it was a product of violence, kalabalu. The mines were sabotaged by insurgents during the Revolution of 1910. The hole is clearly not a hole that was formerly a door or a window that deteriorated. You take the mystical approach to this, an approach that I used to laugh at but now take very seriously. It is an interesting proposition that you make. Take a hole that was conceived in violence and make it into a door or a window.

      • kalabalu

        a portal to enter the history . To understand the feel. A window that outlined the actual destruction.How that massive destruction has lessened with time and now..all we see is a hole..a gap..and there is a gap in my understanding of that time/ war.

  2. StephenBrassawe

    For most of my life there was a gap in my understanding of that time and war, also, kalabalu, until I became interested. There is still a gap in my understanding, but it is becoming smaller as I continue to read.


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