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4 Responses to “Magenta”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Thank you so much, Henry. Recently, I have been a bit carried away with landscapes. The rainy season is now clearly over, however. Scenes like this one will soon be gone.

  1. Eugene Knapik

    When these scenes are gone, though, I bet they’ll be replaced by a magical assortment or earth tones and shadowplay. You can never get too carried away with landscape. Years ago, Tuffy P and I and a few friends would take to the woods and fields every Sunday and draw and paint the landscape outside the city. One of our friends, a fellow who was our professor at University, not to mention a great painter, Ron Bloore, had a wonderful approach to drawing the land. We would hike around, looking for likely spots to draw or paint, seeking vistas and features and curious contrasts. Bloore didn’t care. Whichever spot we picked was just fine. He would settle down on the ground and start drawing the forest floor, whatever was around him. We did these Sunday painting trips for several years off and on, and somehow or another Bloore was at the centre of them, as when his health became too poor to go, we didn’t go without him. Instead we just drifted away from it. I’ve been thinking about this because tomorrow, if it’s nice, Tuffy and I are going to take the dogs out to a forest and bring our paints and charcoal and whatever else along with us.

    • StephenBrassawe

      This sounds like a wonderful outing to me, street. I know you are out there often, but it is about time that you took the paints and charcoal along with you once again.


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