The Ordeal

These men are part of a parade, one of several such groups carrying large, heavy religious displays decorated with plant material to their destination in front of La Parroquia. Once the men start, they never set these things down until they reach their destination. It is a physical manifestation, an acting out of the faith. This particular display is a rather short one requiring only four crew members to carry it.

This old snapshot taken 5 October 2009 gives you some idea of the appearance of these displays, the name of which escapes me, after they are erected.

Some crew members obviously enjoy a rather sedentary existence normally and are less physically prepared for this ordeal. Their enhanced suffering, however, all the better demonstrates the faith.

When a parade inexplicably stalls going around a corner and grinds to halt, as parades are wont to do, these men must stand there with this weight on their shoulders and wait. Were I under there in those circumstances, my thoughts would become less than pious. I would be tempted to tell my colleagues to hold the fort for a moment, trot on up ahead to find the party responsible for the delay, and beat him with a tire iron.

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