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Up the Canyon

A view in the other direction with a section of the pipeline on the rim of the canyon, old El Conducto, visible in the upper left. I have determined to keep all discussion of my attempt to walk that pipeline all the way down the canyon in the other blog. It does not seem consonant with the high end, arty tone that I am trying to maintain in this blog.

4 Responses to “Up the Canyon”

    • StephenBrassawe

      It is, thuytrang. I am glad that the photo conveys something of that. I wish you could be here to enjoy it in reality.

      • Eugene Knapik

        In my limited experience with canyons that that, the best of them have fine trout streams at the bottom, and if you can figure out how to get down in there, you can stand in the river and wave your fly rod around a bit and take in the complex of relationships between the mayflies and the birds and the trout and the sun and wind. Of course, that’s Wyoming and not Mexico, and you might look a little silly standing at the bottom of your canyon waving a fly rod around. Obviously in Mexico, you have to follow the pipeline instead.


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