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Born to Run

I have put this entry up on both blogs, a thing that I seldom do, simply because I am so fascinated with the story.

This is Maria Salomé. She is pictured here on her way to winning in the women’s division of the 10K event in connection with the 2012 marathon sponsored by Oxxo, the big convenience store chain. I first picked up on this story at The Mex Files, an English language blog originating here in Mexico that I follow.

Maria Salomé is a woman from a group of reclusive indigenous people called the Tarahumaras who live in the southwestern part of the state of Chihuahua. They shy away from contact with the outside world and remain for the most part isolated there. However, they are legendary long distance runners and have been doing this for centuries.

Nacidos para correr. Born to run.

This little article tells us that the Tarahumaras people live in a region that is guarded by extremely rugged mountains and is nearly impenetrable. I do not know whether Maria Salomé’s appearance in the Oxxo 10K event means that the Tarahumaras are now generally willing to come out and compete in marathons in the outside world. We shall see. Nor do I know whether that would be a good thing for them. That sort of notoriety comes with a cost as the Kenyan marathoners have learned over the years. It is a decision for the Tarahumaras people to make of course.

The Mex Files is a blog with cojones by the way. You might try this pithy little entry, an example of that of which I speak.

4 Responses to “Born to Run”

  1. Stephen Brassawe

    And now I find that the answers to all of my questions about this can be found in a 2011 book by Christopher McDougall entitled–you guessed it–“Born to Run.”

  2. kalabalu

    The woman who run and won, her way into the world , holding a trophy and giving a hint to others..follow me 🙂


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