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Nobody can be Uncheered with a Balloon

Balloon merchants in front of Nuestra Señora de al Salud at 9:30 a.m., Sunday Morning.

Nuestra Señora de la Salud formerly.

I have had some technical difficulties recently. Thanks to Radio Shack of México, I have returned complete with more photos of balloon merchants. It is not my responsibility if my creator endowed me with a weak spot for balloons and the people who sell them. Any objections along those lines ought to be taken up with my creator, it seems to me.

If you were to be a balloon merchant’s first customer of the day, the first of the day to buy a balloon from him, you would more than likely notice that he makes the sign of the cross before stashing away your coins after handing you your balloon. This is a custom among all street merchants. He would simply be giving thanks for the first sale of the day and making a gentle request that the remainder of the day be full of more customers demanding balloons, or whatever goods he happens to be selling.

I had been here some months before I noticed this custom. Then I purchased a buñuelo, a sticky sweet, fried pastry, from a sweet little old lady in the plaza in Dolores Hidalgo. She made the sign of the cross. My friend La Mexicana, with whom I happened to be at the time, explained the significance of the gesture to me. I had been the old lady’s first customer of the day. Sadly, she had been out there awhile already.

With that I am tired of making pictures of churches and other big things. I am going to make pictures of tiny things for awhile now. Macros of the sepals in the center flower blossoms, insects on petals, limpid drops of moisture on leaves. I mean it. I have had it with making pictures of big things for the time being.

And by the way, nobody can be uncheered with a buñuelo either.

4 Responses to “Nobody can be Uncheered with a Balloon”

  1. Stephen Brassawe

    Actually, I have always thought that Winnie-the-Pooh was using the language with some imprecision there. Did he mean that if you already have a balloon, then it is impossible to uncheer you? Or did he mean that when you are given a balloon, you will always be cheered by that. Or at least never uncheered by that gift. I dunno. Perhaps the context made the meaning clear. I cannot remember.


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