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The word “door” does not do this home entryway the justice it deserves. I suppose one could call it a “gate.” One clearly enters a courtyard upon passing through it. Yet, it does not strike me as a gate. In my own mind I have taken to thinking of it as a “portal,” a sometimes pretentious word in its usage. This entryway warrants the title.

It is august enough to serve as the portal to the Heaven of men’s imaginings. Heaven’s Gate. The entry to Hell is merely a door into a walk-up with a stoop from which one can hear the screams of little children playing inside while one waits for someone to answer the bell.

I would rather think of this as a portal into Eden, a place existent in reality somewhere. Judging from the limited view through the fanlight, I suspect that may well be exactly what it is.

5 Responses to “Portal”

  1. kalabalu

    Gateway to can see the sky through this portal that has its leaf closed but is not locked, a slight push and you will be ushered on the rocks 🙂 its a way to your destination unknown..


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