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Early Morning Uptown

At 7:56 a.m. on 9 August 2012.

In my little world one often encounters buildings that are still perfectly sound and serviceable with walls that are askew. Let us say hypothetically that one of those skewed walls finds its way prominently into a photograph that I like otherwise. My amateurish rule of thumb has long been this. If that tilting wall bothers me too much, I simply discard the photo and forget about it. If that tilting wall bothers me only a little, I show the photograph to friends. What I definitely do not do, however, is deploy this or that software in an attempt to make the wall that which it surely is not, that is, a vertically true wall. There lies the path to insanity.

4 Responses to “Early Morning Uptown”

  1. Stephen G. Hipperson

    The way I look at it – it’s your photograph you can do what you damn well please! If others don’t like it they can suck it up. But, if you put a picture out there for comment, you have to be able to take the comments that are given. Old adage ‘Don’t ask the question, if you can’t take the answer’, which I’m sure you’re well acquainted with.

    As to askew – depends on how I feel today, which may very well be something different tomorrow. If it’s vertical in ‘real life’ (which doesn’t mean if it’s a wall it is) and the picture looks better with it vertical in my picture and my software can make it look ‘right’ to me, without it introducing to much interpolation of pixels then it gets sorted or not.

    I’m trying to make a picture. I’m told photography is art, I’m fed up arguing the case otherwise. As I understand it, art has no rules or boundaries, so neither should photography. The madness comes with the terms ‘right’ and ‘wrong’

    • StephenBrassawe

      Actually, I am with you on everything that you say, Stephen. I want no part of that argument about photography versus digital art. In fact my text was not referring to that. I use software all the time, and I use it big time. My closing comment was much more simple minded. I find that trying to correct a wall askew amid a bunch of other walls that are not is difficult to say the least with any software. More often than not I end up with a mess after devoting a lot of time to trying to straighten that one wall just a little.

      And I am with you in attitude, also. I enjoy all comments. I have never moderated comments on any blog that I have maintained. I have never deleted a comment on any blog that I maintain, other than pure spam. If someone wants to do a drive-by shooting in a comment on one of my blog entries, they are welcome to it.

      • Stephen G. Hipperson

        “I find that trying to correct a wall askew amid a bunch of other walls that are not is difficult to say the least with any software.” – I wouldn’t even attempt it either. When we are attracted to take photograph, we cannot always understand why the specific is so attractive, perhaps it’s the inconsistencies in the surroundings that do this, so correcting may make a ‘cleaner’ image but lose the very essence of the scene – it wasn’t X but a crooked Y that does the job.

        As we are judged by what we say, we are judged by what we write – in the case of the internet, our prose is available to anyone to view, and thereby judge our character. I’ve seen the odd comment in forums, which I can only hope the writer now regrets, or they must be very sad individuals.

        All the best.


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