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Ho hum.

La Parroquia and the main plaza, el Jardin. 9 August 2012.

You keep trying to find an edge on the same old stuff, too, an angle that none of the other millions of people who have come through here with a camera have thought of. You cannot help yourself.

From the mirador, the overlook, on Real Salida á Querétaro. 9 August 2012.

Now that we have done that for the umpteenth time, we can get back into the side streets.

I try to maintain a high tone in this WordPress blog because the blogging competition is so very stiff in WordPress. If you are in the mood for something more louche, try today’s entry in the other blog wherein I discuss home security in Mexico and make a start on the subject of the ubiquitous wires that I mentioned in yesterday’s entry here.

Perhaps the best way to photograph La Parroquia is from a balloon.

7 Responses to “Ho hum.”

  1. dicklespot

    Wow. It might be ho hum to you, but it’s spectacular to me. What a gorgeous church.

    • Stephen Brassawe

      In truth I still think it is spectacular, too, dicklespot. But if I had only one peso for every photo, good or bad, that has ever been taken of it, I could pay off the U.S. national debt with the principal and still have enough principal left over that the interest alone would make up the budget shortfall every year. My thoughts are always with the people, never myself.

    • Stephen Brassawe

      So kind, Michel, but yours are better. It is difficult. I am going to keep trying now and again. As I told you, we have to figure out a way to shoot it from the side.

  2. Independence Day | The Solipsist

    […] La Parroquia on Saturday night, the eve of Mexican Independence Day. It has been a long weekend. Now I must sleep. 20.917292 -100.745351 Share this:MoreLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Categories: México, Photographs, San Miguel de Allende Tags: dia de la independencia, la parroquia, photos, San Miguel de Allende Posted by StephenBrassawe on 17 September 2012 […]


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