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I like this stretch of walkway a lot and intend to go back soon to experiment with shooting it a different way in different light, even though it is a huff and a puff to get up there. Wish you could come along.

Inspirational Thought for the Day

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. — Chinese Proverb

I understand the point. We must not allow the scope of the project to inhibit us from making a beginning on the project. It is not a difficult concept. I do not understand why we must sacrifice a mountain to get there. In other words my objection is to the metaphor.

Why are we fucking with the mountain in the first place? Is there not some way that we can coexist with this mountain? Or must we for some reason make everything in the vicinity level? Perhaps we need another parking lot? Who got the contract to remove this mountain and how did they get it?

The metaphor is obviously a distraction for me. I suppose the problem is with me and not with the proverb. I am awfully fond of mountains.

2 Responses to “Blue”

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