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Unwarranted Conclusions


As we were driving along the highway toward Conca in the Sierra Gordo, I saw this up on the side of the mountain as we passed by. Using my special sign language because of my insufficient spoken French, I asked Michel to turn around so that we could look. It was a rather striking geological formation festooned with strings of plastic used car lot pennants. I may have gotten a little carried away further festooning it photographically, but it was diverting.

Just below that rock formation were these two buildings. I have concluded this based only on what I saw. There was no one anywhere nearby to ask. I believe that this is all the work a small congregation of Evangelicals. It seems clear to me that they started gathering initially in the wooden building. Then they were able to gather together the resources to build the modest, but attractive church next it.

As for this little adjunct structure . . . I would recognize it anywhere. This is clearly a setup for outdoor group therapy.

9 Responses to “Unwarranted Conclusions”

      • StephenBrassawe

        Never thought of that, dick . . . or any number of other speculative endeavors. Warranted conclusions, after all, are hard to come by in this life, and there is thus a hot market for the unwarranted sort.

        • dicklespot

          True, made evident by the legions of ill-informed, overly-opinionated posts on internet news sites.

          And if you don’t mind, I prefer ‘dickle’…. you know, the female variation of ‘dick’. 😉

        • StephenBrassawe

          No, I don’t mind at all. If you insist on being female, I’ll happily play along.

          Your point is well taken, dickle. We live in a world where so many mistake their own opinions for facts. For my part I am only 65.7% sure of those things of which I am most sure.

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