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Guanajuato. 30 January 2011.

A photo that I am more ambivalent about than any other of my life for more than one reason. I was startled to bump into this after turning a corner. I shot it without thinking because it was so striking. Perhaps I should not have. I am not, after all, a photojournalist. However, nobody was the wiser with the possible exception of the widow, the one person whose privacy I would least want to intrude upon at this time. I rationalize with the obvious fact that she had little privacy at this moment anyway. You can see her face dimly through the windshield.

Nonetheless, I am enormously fond of this photo, primarily, I suppose, because of the young man running on the right for some mysterious reason. That makes it doubly painful for me that I committed the cardinal sin. I inadvertently destroyed the original image. Ever since, I have been attempting to repair a copy that I had mucked up. This is the best that I can do.

4 Responses to “Mourners”

  1. mountainmae

    Apparently, you are a photojournalist. I really like the idea of mourners walking the hearse to the cemetery- my take on the picture. Perhaps the widow felt honored that her loved one was memorialized in film.


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