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My Portrait Just Finished!

The regular weekend post relating to books has been postponed in order to bring you this late breaking news.

Thanks so much to my friend Susan Creamer Joy for her work. Her site is highly literate as well as visually striking and well worth the visit. This is her photograph of the piece that she sent me. However, I framed and matted the photograph in the virtual way myself. I hope she forgives me for that.


On an unrelated note, to see some excellent photos taken during our recent expedition into the Sierra Gorda in the state of Querétaro, please visit my friend Michel’s blog.

9 Responses to “My Portrait Just Finished!”

    • StephenBrassawe

      I was thinking about your comment, Michel. Perhaps Christ did look something like this when the water actually DID turn into wine at Cana.

  1. iowadaughter

    I love this! She has you pegged. Will I get to see this?

    Btw, this goes back to Michel’s comment, you are known as Stesus around my neck of the woods. *wink.


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