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The Dam, The Beginning

It has been a rare sight in recent years to see water coming over the spillway of the dam in the nature preserve, El Charco del Ingenio. The rainy season proceeds apace here. This one, so far, has been a rainy season in which it rains. The big reservoir fills.

Thanks to Michel for tuning my photo of the dam in ways that I would not have considered.

On the left in the photo is one end of The Pipeline, the beginning of the The Pipeline. El Conducto has taken on a personality of its own in my mind as I wrestle with the idea of walking along the top of it over the course of its entire length into town. I have walked all of it now at one time or another with the exception of one relatively short span. There will be an awfully lot of air on my left while I am walking that section if I am able to walk it.

Fred has suggested that, if nothing else, I get down on The Pipeline, embrace it, and inch my way along that particular span on my belly. I am not sure what is to become of my camera if I do that. Perhaps I must dispense with my camera. However, Michel refuses to photograph me from the other rim of the canyon as I walk The Pipeline. He wants no part of this project. Anyway, there is another problem with that strategy. Even on a cloudy day, the pipe is hot.

5 Responses to “The Dam, The Beginning”

    • StephenBrassawe

      Vertigo is only a state of mind, Michel. I concede, of course, that existence is itself is only a state of mind. I further concede that I have no idea what conclusions to draw from those propositions. I overflow with concession today.

    • StephenBrassawe

      Ah, you are sweet to say that mae. I am not going to allow El Conducto to take over my blog. I shall only turn my attention back to him on occasion as matters related to The Pipeline Project progress.


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