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Pipeline Reconnaissance

I did finally get out to the nature preserve to work on the pipeline walk. My noteworthy accomplishment of the day was walking the pipe across this. We shall see if I can do it again. In fact, I find that the entire pipe from the dam into town is doable for me with the exception of one relatively short stretch. I do not know if I can ever walk that part. Perhaps with a bit more time up there . . . . I will show it to you on another occasion.

Yes, I know that I am in need of a polarizing filter. In fact I am now in need of another UV Haze filter, too. I broke the last one a few weeks ago. All things in due time.

3 Responses to “Pipeline Reconnaissance”

  1. The Dam, The Beginning « The Solipsist

    […] as I wrestle with the idea of walking along the top of it over its entire length into town. I have walked all of it now at one time or another with the exception of one relatively short span. There will be an awfully […]

  2. This Young Couple | The Solipsist

    […] was about here on the pipeline when I first noticed them. Having just finished walking the stretch in which the pipeline is up on piers, I needed a break. In the heat of the late August sun, it is […]


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